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Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die,life is a broken winged that can not fly.
Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go,life a barren field forzen with snow.
We are
A group of youths,passion for life and the pursuit of technology,make a conthibution to open source business.
coding with our ideal.
have the same hobby,and enjoy the life together.
In the future,whether the WEB APP or Enterprise App,mobile internet will plays a very important role at their strategic planning. More and more hand client has replaced the operating system of traditional PC,and them will cooperation with each other. In such a situation. How to provide unified operation experience become a challenging task. Along with the browser support of HTML5’s unceasing enhancement, HTML5 has become a technical scheme to solve this problem . After a long time of investigation and analysis,this project have form a specific result at last. In the future, we hope we can make an effort together to create a component which can adapt to the modern demands.
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ichartjs open source technology team